60 questions every 20 something asks themselves

  1. What am I doing with my life?
  2. Is it ok to drink before work? …..no? ok.
  3. Really, what am I doing with my life?
  4. Another wedding?
  5. Another pregnancy?
  6. Did my GPA even count?
  7. Grad school costs how much?
  8. Did I even learn things in college?
  9. Why is my face/body starting to look…. different?
  10. Why am I so old?
  11. Why am I so young?
  12. IS THAT A GREY HAIR?!… oh. no its not. phew.
  13. Why is waking up so hard?
  14. I have to be at work when?
  15. Why am I up before the sun?
  16. Why must I continue studying for tests after I have already graduated?
  17. How old am I, again? I forgot..
  18. Wheres my phone.. purse.. shoes..
  19. Why am I starting to lose everything?
  20. Where is my butler/maid? Wait, I don’t have one?
  21. I have to get stuff fixed on my own? Not by my parents…?
  22. She/he is graduating from high school already?!?!
  23. Where did the time go?
  24. Why was I not prepared for work life in college? Isn’t that the point..?
  25. Taxes?        huh.
  26. Why is my hangover a week long?
  27. How can I do the least amount of work to make the most money?
  28. How could i stay up till 5 am in college and only till like 9 now?
  29. What is my purpose..? *midlife crisis*
  30. Where do I live now?
  31. Houses cost how much? Ok, I’ll live in a box.
  32. Bills……?
  33. Why does my back hurt?
  34. Why can’t I run 5 miles like I used to?
  35. Why do I get sick off of like 2 beers?
  36. Why did I major in that…….?
  37. When is the appropriate time to start using age defying stuff?
  38. What are vitamins? They are chewable?! OK!
  39. What did I do all my life?
  40. What are my hobbies?
  41. How much longer till I’m not broke?
  42. Healthy food costs what?
  43. Wait, I have to work on the holidays?
  44. What do I do now?
  45. Why am I suddenly drawn to Dr. Phil?
  46. There’s no Spring Break in the real world..?
  47. When am I supposed to get tan then?
  48. Rent is how much? ha.
  49. Gas is how much? ha.
  50. What does it actually mean to ‘feel 22’? I’m looking at you t-swift.
  51. There are new slang terms that I don’t know about?
  52. Am I still cool?
  53. Wait, my siblings are how old?
  54. I get paid how much?!?! ..but I have a degree….
  55. I have to wear a suit…? Yoga pants won’t work?
  56. But, isn’t a college degree supposed to help me find a job….?
  57. Excuse me, where are the Red Bulls?
  58. I gained how much weight this weekend?
  59. Wait, my coworkers don’t actually all go to happy hour together?
  60. Why?   just. Why.

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