60 questions every 20 something asks themselves

  1. What am I doing with my life?
  2. Is it ok to drink before work? …..no? ok.
  3. Really, what am I doing with my life?
  4. Another wedding?
  5. Another pregnancy?
  6. Did my GPA even count?
  7. Grad school costs how much?
  8. Did I even learn things in college?
  9. Why is my face/body starting to look…. different?
  10. Why am I so old?
  11. Why am I so young?
  12. IS THAT A GREY HAIR?!… oh. no its not. phew.
  13. Why is waking up so hard?
  14. I have to be at work when?
  15. Why am I up before the sun?
  16. Why must I continue studying for tests after I have already graduated?
  17. How old am I, again? I forgot..
  18. Wheres my phone.. purse.. shoes..
  19. Why am I starting to lose everything?
  20. Where is my butler/maid? Wait, I don’t have one?
  21. I have to get stuff fixed on my own? Not by my parents…?
  22. She/he is graduating from high school already?!?!
  23. Where did the time go?
  24. Why was I not prepared for work life in college? Isn’t that the point..?
  25. Taxes?        huh.
  26. Why is my hangover a week long?
  27. How can I do the least amount of work to make the most money?
  28. How could i stay up till 5 am in college and only till like 9 now?
  29. What is my purpose..? *midlife crisis*
  30. Where do I live now?
  31. Houses cost how much? Ok, I’ll live in a box.
  32. Bills……?
  33. Why does my back hurt?
  34. Why can’t I run 5 miles like I used to?
  35. Why do I get sick off of like 2 beers?
  36. Why did I major in that…….?
  37. When is the appropriate time to start using age defying stuff?
  38. What are vitamins? They are chewable?! OK!
  39. What did I do all my life?
  40. What are my hobbies?
  41. How much longer till I’m not broke?
  42. Healthy food costs what?
  43. Wait, I have to work on the holidays?
  44. What do I do now?
  45. Why am I suddenly drawn to Dr. Phil?
  46. There’s no Spring Break in the real world..?
  47. When am I supposed to get tan then?
  48. Rent is how much? ha.
  49. Gas is how much? ha.
  50. What does it actually mean to ‘feel 22’? I’m looking at you t-swift.
  51. There are new slang terms that I don’t know about?
  52. Am I still cool?
  53. Wait, my siblings are how old?
  54. I get paid how much?!?! ..but I have a degree….
  55. I have to wear a suit…? Yoga pants won’t work?
  56. But, isn’t a college degree supposed to help me find a job….?
  57. Excuse me, where are the Red Bulls?
  58. I gained how much weight this weekend?
  59. Wait, my coworkers don’t actually all go to happy hour together?
  60. Why?   just. Why.

35 signs you were in a sorority…. and it was the best time of your life.

  1. You have a whole dresser full of T shirts. Not a drawer. A dresser.
  2. Your ‘rush talk’ skills are now being used on your coworkers. “So, where are you from? What was your major? Seriously?! That was mine too!!!” ……. oh duh.
  3. You have unrealistic expectations for Spring Break.
  4. You text at least one of your sorority sisters every day.
  5. You still buy things that remind you of your sorority.. totally just bought some delta shaped earrings.
  6. Your computer is shutting down due to the millions of pictures you have on it. Yet, you can’t bring yourself to delete any of them.
  7. You workout in your sorority tank tops.
  8. And go to the beach in them… and the store….
  9. You have about 30 options for places to stay when you go visit your college town.
  10. Rush songs still haunt you.
  11. You go through old sorority pictures at least once a month.
  12. The amount of engagement/wedding/baby pictures you see on social media.
  13. You still donate to your sorority’s philanthropy.
  14. Some of your phone contacts still have little sorority related emojis by them.
  15. You have started obsessing about your siblings/friends’ siblings going through recruitment.
  16. You don’t have 100 closets you can go through; therefore, you have no clothes.
  17. You still add the new pledge class girls on social media, even though you will probably never meet them…
  18. You still use your sorority printed lily tote.
  19. Your parents still buy you sorority things… My dad threw a stuffed dolphin to me during Mardi Gras. I may or may not sleep with it.
  20. “Oh, you went to *insert college*?! Were you in a sorority/fraternity?!?”
  21. You have started writing recommendations for recruitment.
  22. You have about 5 pictures on Facebook from post college and about 80809089789289739 pictures on Facebook from college.
  23. Your ‘Throw Back Thursday’ always has to deal with your sisters.
  24. You have no idea what to do with your sorority paddle.
  25. You can’t keep up with where everyone is living/going to school anymore.
  26. You jump all over a crafting opportunity.. “Does anyone want to volunteer to make a ‘blank blank’ for ‘whatever'”- MEEEEEE ME…… me.
  27. You get way too excited aboutthemed parties.
  28. You still have a costume for pretty much any theme in your closet. You swear you’ll use it again.
  29. You still have a resume that has ‘Social sorority -blank- chair’ on it.
  30. Staff meetings will never compare to chapter.
  31. Wait, there aren’t formals every season in the real world? I quit.
  32. “So what were you involved in during college?” Uhm. my sorority. That should count for about 50000 things.
  33. You are totally jealous of those younger pledge class girls that you randomly follow on social media…..
  34. You realize that you truly did find your future bridesmaids.
  35. College was truly the best time of your life and you miss your sisters so much that you can barely stand it.